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A great article recently published in the Scottsbluff Star Herald, featuring NCPA members, Dr. Daryl Wills and Dr. Tom Rohrick.
With increasing numbers of children running and kicking their way down soccer fields across America, doctors of chiropractic are urging parents to take a step back and learn how to protect their children from the potential injuries this popular sport can cause.
Information from the Department of Health and Human Services including the rules, regulations, and licensure for chiropractors in the State of Nebraska.
The NCPA is proud to partner with Northwestern Health Sciences University to offer an online limited radiography course for chiropractic assistants.
A critical mass of recent surveys and studies document the fact that chiropractic care is safe and effective for reducing pain and promoting health.
High heels and improper footwear can change posture and balance and eventually effect your spinal health.